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We provide all visitors with up-to-date, basic information. Due to data protection, members receive an account which also makes the internal information and forums accessible.The web pages https://paeb.org have been revised according to the latest guidelines.
The website "Polyaesthetic Education International" is now bilingual, in German and English.

You can read the pages either in German or English with a click on the relevant flag.

The conversion of the website https://paeb.org to a bilingual structure has been completed. The time required was enormous. However, from our point of view, it works. 

The translation of all currently significant contributions is well progressed, some more contributions are to follow. All new contributions are available in both languages.

We are always looking forward for support in this work and welcome constructive criticism. We accept contributions in both languages. We will run the IGPE PUBLIC FORUM bilingually to provide everyone with an overall impression of the reactions. Submissions in English will receive a German abstract, originals in German will receive an English abstract.

Please help to give the website a wider international spread and recommend us in your professional networks.

A USEFUL REMARK: Some internet browsers do not take you directly to our website when you enter www.paeb.org . Please try https://paeb.org . This should work. We are happy to help out with such problems and are very grateful for advise or feedback.


"Polyaesthetic Education International" offers the public relations work of the International Society for Polyaesthetic Education.

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Yours sincerely!
G. Hofbauer, President