40 Jahre IGPE
Polyaesthetic Symposium in memoriam of Prof. Dr. Claus Thomas (+ 23.12.2022) in Salzburg.

It is to the merit of Prof. Claus Thomas, our recently deceased honorary member, that the "Polyaesthetic Education" initiated by Wolfgang Roscher developed a strong affinity to therapeutic aspects. Due to his studies in pediatrics, Claus Thomas knew in particular detail about the desires and needs of young people. He developed extensive methodological approaches to effectively meet these challenges in an aesthetic way. With his own practical realizations, he comprehensibly demonstrated their effect.
What has developed from this in the more than 30 years since Claus Thomas' contribution of the same name in 1991, and how significant these aspects appear again in the current psychological distress of young people, is the subject of the two-day symposium in Salzburg, at the current place of activity of the International Society for Polyaesthetic Education.
Our cordial invitation goes out regarding the submission of actual contributions until 31.01.2023 as well as the numerous participation. We are available via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as well as via the contact form on www.paeb.org

Aesthetical approaches from pedagogical and psychological points of view.


40 Jahre IGPE

A conference dedicated to the memory of Wolfgang Roscher († 2002) and Christian G. Allesch († 2022) by the Department of Music Education in cooperation with the International Society for Polyesthetic Education on May 19 and 20, 2023 at the University Mozarteum Salzburg.

The examination of questions of aesthetic perception accompanies in the connection to different disciplines manifold music pedagogical considerations especially of the second half of the 20th as well as the first decades of the 21st century. At the University Mozarteum Salzburg, Wolfgang Roscher, full professor for music education from 1982 to 1995 and rector of the university from 1991 to 1995, was a determined promoter of an international discourse inspired by ideals of interdisciplinarity and intermediality. Roscher's personal, scientific network, which dealt with concerns of polyesthetic education, included the cultural psychologist Christian Allesch, who died much too early in 2022. The thoughts and work of these two personalities will form a basis for further considerations in the context of the conference.

Some of the ideas that seemed visionary in the circle around Roscher at the end of the 20th century seem to be part of everyday practice today. To what extent have new impulses, promoted by the possibilities of digitalization and a softening of the boundaries between the arts, influenced and changed the issues of (poly)aesthetic education since Roscher's death in 2002? Which were significant chances as well as losses caused by changed habits and possibilities of perception? (Dr. Michaela Schwarzbauer, Translation G. Hofbauer)

Historical und actual (poly-) aesthetic approaches to existential experiences

40 Jahre IGPESymposium of the International Society for Polyaesthetic Education (IGPE) cooperating with University Mozarteum Salzburg, Museum der Moderne Salzburg, Kunstraum "Fabrik BBK600",
celebrating the 40th anniversary of IGPE, in memoriam of the founder Wolfgang Roscher (+2002) and the psychologist and board member Christian G. Allesch (+2022).

Viola The Raft The confrontation with suffering and death in the context of pandemics and warlike events deeply touches and affects us, and foments the longing for a new awareness of existential questions of life. As a kind of "aesthetic response" IGPE offered the symposium EROS and THANATOS. The program led into all five dimensions of polyesthetics, into intercultural, traition-integrating, inter-medial, social-communicative and interdisciplinary context. Music, visual arts and video art, dance, theater and poetry were represented poly-medially. The performances ranged from student workshops to contributions of professional artists and scientists, including presenters and participants from Japan and from several European countries. A visit of the extraordinary exhibition of the American video artist Bill Viola at the Museum der Moderne Salzburg opened an additional option to reflect the issue. The closing celebration of "40 years IGPE" was followed by the general assembly which attested the successful work of the board, re-electing its members completed by Prof. Hans Martin Ritter, Berlin.  Review to -> program  (paper in German) -> abstracts, papers, biografic details of contributors (German)


Migration Antalya

Antalya Bilim Universitesi invited Gerhard Hofbauer to give the opening lecture at the "International World Migration Movements Symposium" in early March 2022. The title of the paper was "The Diverse Phenomena of today's Migration, Mirrored by the Education-Minded Concept of Polyaesthetics". Although ( perhaps especially because ) the aesthetic approach to the topic differed from the other mostly empirical contributions, many conversations and numerous positive feedbacks were the result. Some contacts could lead to further cooperation. From a polyaesthetic perspective, the topic opened up a broad field for reflecting on the motives and on the individual as well as social-communicative effects of migration and its tradition-integrating backgrounds. The contribution will be published in the symposium publication.




 Symposium 2020 workshop

emblem 2020

 (C) Foto: Helge Thomas

Experts from the fields of SCIENCES, ART and PRAXIS met at the Symposium 2020 from the attitude of attentive, mindful interest in nature and its deepening perception from an aesthetic-artistic perspective. The intentions were to exchange knowledge by means of topic-sharpening contributions from the perspectives of science, arts and pedagogical practice, to gain current insights and the transformation of knowledge from interdisciplinary discussion and understanding and to profile interdisciplinary and artistic approaches and impulses for a call for pedagogical projects in the educational year 2020/21.