Spring is coming

Always to be in the mood for new beginnings, as we know from our experience with nature. However, that is attaching particularly our main theme "Expressing in the arts how nature is touching us".

One of the consequences of a year of a special psychic challenge is the conviction that the aesthetic dimension of life concerns and affects everyone.   As essential and indispensable biological immune strength is for the 'chemistry of the cells', as essential it is for the 'chemistry of the whole individual' and its healthy psychological constitution.

We have lost people from our professional and private circle of friends and feel for all those who are still affected by the insidious viral infection. More than in previous years, we feel the loneliness of many people, , especially older but also many younger ones in our "progressive" world of life.

But how does Polyaesthetic Education relate to this?

Nevertheless, we realise a noticeable awakening of new mindfulness, obviously as an effect of changed perceptions of everyday's life. More often than before, the importance of social contacts is mentioned in conversations, and ecological efforts are going to have health connotation. The fundamental, original and natural aspects of one's own living environment are receiving more and more attention.

The relationship of life and living-world needs to be rethought

With our task "Performing in the arts how nature affects", we motivate to express how any aspect of nature matters individually, affirmating or weakening. Art is a powerful 'spiritual food'.

On the website we will publish a new text every month. We invite everybody to join the discussion how it concerns aesteticly. Furthermore, members will have access to a MEMBERS FORUM where they can communicate their issues. 

Lobbying for the aesthetic dimension of life

With the monthly letter POLYAESTHETICA, as a basic letter ‘open source’ on the website, in an extended version as a personal letter to our active members, we give insight into our continuous work. The continuous insight is new, but the continuous work is not: we are approaching the celbration of 40 years of Polyaesthetic Education by an anniversary symposium in the year 2022.

We are looking forward to getting many followers joining us in lobbying for the aesthetic reflection of individual relatedness to nature and for projects which express this issue by the multi-medial options of the many types of arts.

With best regards from the Executive Board. Salzburg / Köln / Tokyo, April 2021.