From a transdisciplinary, intercultural, social, inter-medial and tradition-integrative perspective, the International Society for Polyaesthetic Education [IGPE] is dedicated to research, teaching and implementations in educational fields of application.

IGPE is dedicated to building bridges between the arts, between the arts and sciences and between cultures and education in general.
IGPE intends to face up to the challenges and concerns of current cultral and social developments and their resultant educational problems.

For further details, please refer to the statutes of the International Society for Polyaesthetic Education -> Statut der Internationalen Gesellschaft für Polyästhetische Erziehung.
IGPE is a registered association (central register of associations No 892634065) which was founded in 1982 at the Fortress of Hohensalzburg by Dr. Wolfgang Roscher (1927-2002) and a group of proponents. The -> board of directors is international and interdisciplinary.