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Dear members and friends of the International Society for Polyaesthetic Education!

I would like to thank all those who are currently working on the issue "Perform in the arts, how nature affects" for enduring all the schedule changes of the administrations at the universities and still sticking to the plan. With this, I will dispense with all the boring explanations as to why our writing finally made sense not earlier than today. 


The first academic workout about "Perform in the arts, how nature affects"

Students of music education of the Gakugei University Tokyo reflected with their professor Dr. Masayuki Nakaji on this task musically. They composed, improvised and played music and created three video films. With this they participate in the project to which "Polyaesthetic Bildung International" had invited cross-culturally. Students of Dr. Anna Zembala at the German University of Applied Sciences Cologne started to reflect the work. Both groups intend to share their experiences. Further groups of students are going to be integrated artistically and pedagogically. 

Please feel free to join in, write your impressions, send a video commentary or use even more creative modes of expression. 


The "pool of ideas" is filled richly

More than 20 examples represent the diversity of perspectives how Polyaesthetics takes approaches to a special task artistically.


2022: 40th anniversary of „IGPE“

In 2022 the International Society for Polyaesthetic Education "IGPE" celebrates its 40th anniversary. Wolfgang Roscher founded the society and was leading it for about 20 years. Building on his concept, we have been developing Polyaesthetics for more than 20 years now. Our activities in 2022 we subordinate the motto "What touches the senses". As soon as event management security permits, we will provide further details.

However, the proven university cooperation axis Cologne - Budapest - Tokyo and some of our members have assured their participation and have already started to work with this task. 


Deepening the cooperation with EUROPEAN GRADUATE SCHOOL (EGS)

Gerhard Hofbauer is a member of the foundation board, the supervisory board of the EGS and was Lecturer in the sommerschool 2021. Paolo Knill had integrated Wolfgang Roscher's Polyaesthetics as one of the basic theories in his methodological work "Expressive Arts Therapy". During a long friendship of Gerhard Hofbauer with Paolo Knill (+2020) the exchange has deepened and is going to be continued in the future.  



As an encore:

Perhaps some will remember Walter Hahn and his wife Grace, who participated in the symposium in Linz and Wilhering. We have been in contact ever since. On an anthroposophical basis, they have been running an agricultural project in one of the poorer regions of the Philippines with great idealism for many years. We like to share a youtube video about their work.



Probably, we all are going to face a contemplative time in the coming months

We would appreciate if you stayed in touch with us and with our goal to keep all senses awake and to concentrate on getting more "grounded" and to focus on what strengthens us. To put down strong and healthy roots may us enable to grow and withstand stronger storms. We send good wishes to all that it succeeds.

With best regards on behalf of the board

Gerhard Hofbauer