Monthly Newsletter June/July, 2021, of the International Society for Polyaesthetic Education (IGPE)

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Intercultural and international symposium from 12 to 13 November 2021 at the Fachhochschule Nordrhein Westfalen Cologne

What the Senses Moves.
Resources of sensory experience in a comparison of museum visits and nature experience by aesthetic education.

Together with the International Society for Polyaesthetic Education, the Catholic University of Applied Sciences North Rhine-Westphalia is organising a two-day symposium at its Cologne location. Whether nature or the arts, both often touch people intensively and sustainably. Students and experts will explore the hidden backgrounds of these aesthetic touches during the two days. Experience and acting out, perception and expression are the complementary components of Polyaesthetics. Reflection from other perspectives can lead to deeper aesthetic perception. Polyaesthetics calls this phenomenon "multi-perception".

Participation in the conference is possible on site, as far as places are available. Online participation is available. Registration is obligatory. Please use the contact-form of the website.

The conference investigates the following research questions:
What experiences of sensual touching do students report who have worked productively on their own in projects on "First visit with a group of young people to a museum" or in projects on "Transforming into the arts, how nature affects"?
What similarities and differences can the feedback of the participating students from the two approaches museum and nature reveal, what can be concluded?

Depending on the course of work, the participants choose from further research questions:
Do the experiential feedbacks of sensory touching differ between young people with impairments and those without impairments; if so, how?
Has anything that moves the senses changed since the Corona pandemic's distance regulations? If so, how can it be described?

With international participation, the conclusions of diverse cultural provenance and intercultural comparisons are of interest. Presentations and statements by international experts will complement the programme.
The experiences and results will serve as a basis for answering the question "What is the impact of interacting with art ?" from the perspective of professional work in the social, pedagogic and other professions.

State of planning July, 15th, 2021, programme modifications reserved.


2022: 40 Year Anniversary of the International Society for Polyaesthetic Education

We are working on the preparations for the events to mark

We hope to win the University Mozarteum Salzburg as an event partner. We will keep you informed.


Cooperation with "Expressive Arts”

The European Graduate School Saas-Fee, Switzerland, invited Gerhard Hofbauer to give a lecture at the sommerschool. The main topic was the anchoring of polyaesthetics in the theory of "Expressive Arts" according to Paolo Knill. Similarities in the development of both concepts were explored. Participants from all continents interactively interpreted examples of polyaesthetic projects.

The video-recording is accassible on youtube: -> Link to the Video  .


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and best wishes for a relaxing summer time, relieved from the restrictive conditions of recent months

Gerhard Hofbauer