Milestones of the work in progress 2019-2022:

1) Dec. 2019: Conference of the international and interdisciplinary council of experts 

2) Sept. 2020: symposium "Perform in the Arts, how Nature Affects"

3) Summer 2021: Video sequences by students of Gakugei University Tokyo.

4) Winter-term 2021/22: Artistic-aesthetic reflections of the students of the Kath. University of Applied Sciences Cologne

5) Jan. 17, 2022: Virtual dialogue between Tokyo and Cologne, analysis

1) In December 2019, the international and interdisciplinary council of experts defines the motto "Perform in the Arts, how Nature Affects".

2) The international symposium "Perform in the Arts, how Nature Affects" discusses the basics of the topic; Experts of sciences and arts meet in Hohnhurst, Germany, others join via internet, in September 2020. (see: Events)

3) The students of Dr. Masayuki Nakaji at the Gakugei University Tokyo publish on the same topic in 2021 video sequences with their own compositions and texts. See Workout 1.

4) Dr. Dr. Dietmar Jürgens from the Kath. University of Applied Sciences Cologne introduces the students of his courses "Staging scenes of everyday life - Polyesthetics and social work" and "Nature as a field of aesthetic education" to the videos made by the Japanese students. Starting with the impulse to work independently with this task, they form small groups to reflect the Japanese workout. They create their aesthetic reflections following their perception independently. See Workout 2.

5) In a virtual dialogue between Tokyo and Cologne, the working outcome was presented, discussed and reflected together with guests from Polyaesthetic Education on January 17, 2022. Gerhard Hofbauer analyzed the feedback and the comments by quantity- and quality-content research. Please feel free to ask for more information. A short report see Workout 3.

An overall documentation is intended.